Our pointing machines process:

Roll Pointing Machines – Type DSM

Roll pointing machines of the type DSM are used for the manufacture of drawing tags on wires, tubes and square, hexagonal, round and flat materials made from steel and non-ferrous metals.

All machines can be supplied with or without a cutter. Machines of the type (+v) are fitted with an additional pair of vertical rollers, when a turning of the wire is not possible.

The robust construction allows high work loading. The belt-driven flywheel guarantees quiet running free from vibration. The great hardness of the forming grooves ensures a long working life. Individual calibrations are possible. Optionally each machine can be supplied with a straightening device. This can straighten the wire end from 1-2 meters to ease the pointing process. The straightening device is especially recommended for larger diameter steel wires.

Examples of use

Hydraulic Swivel Roll Pointers – Type HSM

The hydraulic swivel roll pointers of the type HSM are designed to enable wire pointing in extremely confined spaces. The head with the rolls is hydraulically swivelled in an angle of 90° between the horizontal and vertical position. The rolls are driven hydraulically. This machine type is mainly used to avoid the operator’s traverse motions between the horizontal and vertical rollers.

Examples of use

Shave pointing machines – Type ASM

Shave pointing machines are used for pointing of ferrous and nonferrous wires and bars with round, square and hexagonal sections. The diameter reduction results in a metal removal. The shaving-head is fitted with four shaving tools, which are centrally adjusted from maximum to minimum diameter by an automatic adjustment device. Feed and shaving-head’s number of revolutions are infinitely variable.

Hand Operated Pointers – Type HSP

Hand operated pointers of the type HSP are used for pointing small diameter wires. The pointer is equipped with rolls borne in roller bearings to reduce the required power and avoid creation of fins on the point.

Examples of use

Combined pointing and stringing-up machines – Type EZM

Combined pointing and stringing-up machines of the type EZM consist of a roll pointing unit and a pulling capstan with pull-in dog to string-up several dies on one wire. The dies are kept and guided in a robust die holder in front of the pulling capstan. The machines are mainly used for preparing wet drawing operations.

Examples of use